Our Marquees


Roder                  10ft x 30 ft          3m x 9m              To seat 30 guests        

Roder                  20ft x 30ft           6m x 9m              To seat 60 guests        

Roder                  30ft x 30ft           9m x 9m               To seat 90 guests        

Roder                  40ft x 30ft           12m x 9m            To seat 120 guests

Roder                  50ft x 30ft           15m x 9m            To seat 150 guests

Roder                  60ft x 30ft           18m x 9m            To seat 180 guests

Roder                  70ft x 30ft           21m x 9m            To seat 210 guests

Roder                  80ft x 30ft           24m x 9m            To seat 240 guests

Roder                  90ft x 30ft           27m x 9m            To seat 270 guests

Roder                  100ft x 30ft         30m x 9m            To seat 300 guests


RODER HEX END- Can be added to the RODER above to create additional space                               

1 Section                   24ft x 30ft            7m x 9m              To seat 60 guests 

(e.g. 10 Sections 114ft x 30ft will seat 330 guests and so forth)   



Monarch              34ft x 36ft                           To seat 80 guests       

Monarch              46ft x 36ft                           To seat 120 guests

Monarch              58ft x 36ft                           To seat 160 guests

Monarch              70ft x 36ft                           To seat 200 guests

Monarch              82ft x 36ft                           To seat 240 guests

Monarch              94ft x 36ft                           To seat 280 guests

Monarch              106ft x 36ft                        To seat 320 guests

Monarch              118ft x 36ft                        To seat 360 guests




Sovereign            21ft x 24ft                           To seat 40 guests         

Sovereign            33ft x 24ft                           To seat 60 guests

Sovereign            45ft x 24ft                           To seat 80 guests

Sovereign            57ft x 24ft                           To seat 100 guests


Entrance, catering and bar marquees-                                                      

Knight                  12ft x 11ft                                                                 

Regent                18ft x 16ft                                                 

Sovereign            24ft x 21ft                                           

Sovereign            24ft x 33ft